PRISMA SYSTEMS Ltd deals in computer software, hardware, network and telecommunications. It draws its own resources and partners with other companies in developing and delivering quality solutions. We support profit and non profit organizations, companies and individuals achieve their result through use of information technology.

PRISMA SYSTEMS supports people’s innovations that are designed to elevate our level of living and development. One of the major challenges to us and our communities who have desire for development is money. It has developed applications that assist in management of credits and savings organizations.

We provide:


Ourmission is to deliver value and quality to our current and future customers through long-term and mutually beneficial relationships. We accomplish these objectives through the delivery of solutions based on quality hardware and software products, competitive pricing and unparalleled commitment. In summary we aim at:

Partners and Dealers

We welcome partners and dealers to sample and distribute our products. We assist them whenever required.

Contact us if you want to distribute our software products and we shall agree on terms and conditions.


Data and Outsourcing

We do outsourcing for SACCOs, Payroll and Human Resources and IT Help Desk and maintenance support. We charge a small fee to maintain each person’s data in our systems and give you all reports as required. We can have our personnel working at your offices if your database is big and answer queries and give online information.