L’Établi is a human resource system that is extensive in functionality, customizable and can be adapted to many environments. It can be used by the HR as management and data analysis tool or by individual users in self service.

It contains the following among others:



L’Établi is designed to be used in many environments and has wide coverage of data. It supports:-

The system is designed for both ordinary and advanced users. It is:

This is a real time system which means that data changes are effected immediately and thus ensuring accurate, current, and complete information about employees.

L’Établi covers a whole spectrum of HR processes and data functions that are as summarized in the model below.

some of this coverage is briefed below:


General Layout



generalized layout



Basic Data

Names and official identification
The purpose is to describe employee official, preferred names, titles, initials and the unique staff number. It also describes employing organisation, base country, nationalities, office working area, telephone numbers and the network user to be used in logging in and self service.

Personal Details
The following are some of the information captured.

Self Service
All elements described below can be entered by an individual in self service. The above details are restricted and one cannot change some personal details which are to be done by HR, divisional/departmental or business manager. Special users can however be given access to alter these records if so required.

Employee addresses
Address records are used to provide postal details to the employees in whichever environment that is possible. The environment can be home, regional, on assignment or on official visits. The addresses can be entered by the employee on self service.

Records academic achievement of the employee and can be entered by the employee in self service.

Records languages used or that can be used by the employee

Family Details
Records relatives, close friends and dependants and can been done by the individual in self service.

Emergency Contacts
This records external contacts that can be communicated to in case of emergencies and be entered by an individual in self service.

Next of Kin
This records family members or kin who are to benefit from the employee estate or pension funds in case of death while in active service.

Previous employment
This records employment history before joining the organisation.

Passport details are used to record travelling details and immigration details for expatriate staff that are on permanent employment with the organisation.


Leave Management

Each time an employee records a leave, be it vacation, sick, education, or any other type of leave, the following information is captured.

Leave records that are stored are the actual days taken and planned.

Every time an entry is made here, the Leave summary on leave screen can be re-calculated and the actual balance as to current date. The Leave Summary on the leave screen is a fast, effective way of monitoring absenteeism for each employee while the Reports can be used to analyse absenteeism rates and patterns for specific departments, locations, or positions.

Entitlement can be generated by the administrator or manually entered individually. Entitlements can be annual as per company policy or adjustments. The administrator updates file balances to generate periodical reports. Individual users can also generate their own leave summaries.

The system can be configured to automatically remind people to go on leave.

Course Management

Courses details capture include:

The purpose of course management is to identify, plan and schedule training for the staff.

Course management is used to track courses that are days, weeks or months in length as opposed to degree or diploma programs that are tracked in the Education panel within base data tabs.  Course management is related to learning/training window. Training helps you keep track of the

Training records are attached to a specific schedule. Self study records staff sponsored education schedules.

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License key and sample database are found within the zip. Use the demo data for viewing and the etabli data to enter your own data. Check crystal reports runtime download on the home page. You will need it to view reports: