Customized Solutions

We provide complete customized software solutions to meet your requirement needs and specifications. We are committed to provide professional user friendly solutions that follow the following steps:-

We develop customized software solutions with services ranging from initial scoping and feasibility studies to fully deployed and supported solutions.

We will be your project manager and guide you along the way showing you how to design your project and supervise the entire development process as a professional.
We will take you through:

Staff Training

We train your staff to be efficient in computer use and computerized office. The training can be done within our own premises so that staffs continue with acquired knowledge as part of their daily cores. We train in:

We develop our training programme to suit you and equiping with referal notes.

Data Outsourcing

We do data management and data entry using professional and experienced operators. We ensure accuracy and quality and validate all entries manually. We can provide data outsourcing services in areas of enterprise data entry or survey and researching. Some of the areas that we have participates are as: