SAVCO Products

SAVCO is Windows® based group of software for SACCOs, FSAs (Financial Service Associations), Saving Groups and Microfinance Institutions.

The Following are computerized the following:

SAVCO allows business to start at any stage and enables it to have unlimited growth both in capacity and outreach. Transactions are recorded and processed immediately they are encountered and reports are available as per current, periodical and historical snapshots.

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KAZLIPA PAYROLL SYSTEM is a full featured system with full capabilities. It features a comprehensive employee master file that maintains information sufficient to handle any payroll processing. A complete history of earnings, benefits, deductions, taxes and hours worked is maintained for every employee.

The system’s multiple company payroll processing features can handle the needs of any business, from producing all payroll payslips in real-time, to asking “what if” questions. The system’s reporting features provide many standard payroll reports as well as allow for custom reports to meet any reporting need.

Reports can be exported to Ms Word, Ms Excel, rich text and Acrobat PF formats that you can save and/or analyse later. Data can be exported to excel and you can develop your queries to export the way you want.

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Human Resources

L’Établi is a human resource system that is extensive in functionality, customizable and can be adapted to many environments. It can be used by the HR as management and data analysis tool or by individual users in self service.

It supports the following among others:

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SPYRA Data Explorer

SPYRA is a free query manager that create and mange queries on oracle, IBM DB2,AS/400 and Ms Access databases including multiple of other functions. Results from queries are exported to excel by a flick of a button, it is a must have for the adventurous.


Development Support

We provide complete customized software solutions to meet your requirement needs and specifications. We are committed to provide professional user friendly solutions that follow the following steps:-

We develop customized software solutions with services ranging from initial scoping and feasibility studies to fully deployed and supported solutions.