School Management System

The school software contains all requirements that are essential to managing a school. It is complete in functionalities and easy to learn and operate. It can work in a networked environment where it connects to all teachers and users within or in a standalone computer. In a networked environment teachers can be able to mark exams online for their classes and students. It has an integrated real time financial accounting system that includes fee managements.

SMS service can be used by parent to enquire on school fees balance and student performances.

It can be scheduled to send messages automatically to teachers or parents on special occasions or alerts. It can also be used ad hoc to broadcast to parents and board members on important events and dates.

It is available for primary and secondary schools or as combination of both and currently has the following modules:

A) Register Master for Teachers and Students E) Inventory Management
1. Personal Details

2. Passport Photos

3. Contacts and Relatives

4. Discipline and Punishment Details

5. Free lance notes that can be arrached to a teacher ir student.

6. Past students and teachers are archived and kept in history

which can be as long as you want (5, 10,20 or more years)

1.Maintain Item Details

2.Stocking & Replenishing

3.Issuing Statutory Stationery to Students & Teachers

4.Selling Snacks, Toiletries, Uniforms, Books and etc

5.Stock Taking

6.Asset Register


B) Class Management F) Ledger Accounting
1. Class Students List

2. Daily Attendance

3. Subjects & Exams

4. Result Markings and Ranking

5. Teacher Messaging Sub-Sytem for Productivity and Discussions

6. Time Tables & Time Management

7. SMS Services to Parents, Teachers and Inquires

1.Ledger Journals & Transactions Entry

2.Recurrent Transactions

3.Import from Excel

4.Account Reconciliation

5.Asset Register


7.Ledger transactions are integrated with school fees

C) Fee Management G) Reporting
1.Maintains Fee Structure By Class Groups

2.Generates Due Fees & Balances

3.Collecting Daily Fees

4.Collect Fees by Batch Journals

5.Fee Deposits from Banks

6.Import Fees From Excel

7.Fee Statements for Students

Due fees are generated at the end of every term and

are based on a class’s fee structure.

When a student pays,his/her fee balances

are reduced by the payments.

They are three methods fees can be paid:

1.Collect fees for each student

2.Using Fee journals

3.Fee deposited to banks or other financial sources.

Ledger Reports

1.All standard Reports

2.Income & Expenses Statement, Balance Sheets and Trial Balances

3.Transaction Reports

4.Many Others

School Reports

1.Subjects & Exam Results

2.End of Term Reports

3.Class Room reports

4.Library Reports

5.Inventory Reports

6.Student & Teacher Reports

7.Many Others

All reports are customizable

D) Library Management Feel and Looks
1.Maintain Library Item Details

2.Lend and Receive Back

3.Stock Library (Stationery can be Included)

4.Issue stationery to Students

5.Stock Taking

6.Maintain Publisher and Author Lists

7.Import Books, Acquisition and Stock Taking Sheets

ELCEN has an efficient library management system

that is easy to use and has powerful search capabilities.

The system makes the recording of borrowing simple and

provides useful information about each item therein.

The library system is used for.

1.Maintaining records of books and

inventory of material used for learning.

2.Tracking borrowing and returns of items and may fine for damages and late returns.

3.Reporting on inventory, circulations, acquisitions and overdue items.

User friendly:-

1.Windows based with consistent interface throughout its modules.

2.Common tasks are grouped by user menus.

3.Can customize window screens and colours.

4.Learn one window and know all approach.

Capacity: No limit to

1.Number of Users, Students, Teachers or Staff Members

2.Number of Classes Streams

3.Number of Subjects or Exams

4.Amount of Current and Historical Data.


1.Database Passwords

2.Passwords and Users Restricted to Grouped Roles

3.Teachers Can be Restricted to Own Classes

4.Access to Data and Windows restricted to Grouped Roles.


Report files are produced using Crystal Report Writer

and are not have hard coded in the sytem which mean

that all reports are customizable for the users or

by the users. There is a selection of rich standard

reports that are deployed by the system.

Users can add own reports to the list if they have

report writing knowledge of Crystal Reports.

Additional reports can be sent to users on request.

Outputs from reports can be printed or saved as

1.Microsoft Word

2.Rich Texts

3.WEB Pages

4.Microsoft Excel

5.Acrobat portable documents

6.Send by Mail

7.Send by SMS

Passport Photo

Student and teachers passport photos can be inserted and used on IDs and reports.

Identification badges can be printed directly from the system

STUDENT/TEACHER Numbering format

The numbering format is determined by the configuration setup.

You can either have auto-numbering or type in number when you

create a new entry. The number can be combinations of

digits and letters. Auto number is more preferable

and the possible formats include: -

1.PLN Plain (e.g. ABCD1234)

2.N-Y Number-Year (e.g. 12-2012 or 0012-2012 or 0012-12 or 12-12)

3.N/Y Number/Year (e.g. 12/2012 or 0012/2012 or 0012/12 or 12/12)

4.Y-N Year-Number (e.g. 2012-10 or 2012-0010 or 12-0010 or 12-10

5.Y/N Year/Number (e.g. 2012/10 or 2012/0010 or 12/0010 or 12/10

6.Own Customized system

The software is called ELCEN and the following are sample screens:

Student Profile

Online Exam Marking (Marks and comments are put in the worksheet and then all are saved). It is possible to enter marks for 40 students within two minutes.

Rapid online marking by typing on the worksheet and the grades and subject position automatically as shown.

Sample Report Form (Note: You can include school logo)

Fee Payment

Fees are defined for each class group. Payments can be by student or bulk worksheet journal that captures payments done through banks or M-PESA.Each student’s fee payment is tracked and outstanding balances reports can be produced.

Fee Receipt, after paying

School leaving certificate for past students as produced by ELCEN (Kenya Sample)

Time Tables

Time table making has been simplified with many on screen tricks. Once class time tables have been created, teacher’s time tables are automatically created and each teacher can have his/her own time table. Teacher overloading reports are also available.

Some Timetable Report