Can women have children easily without child birth?

Let’s revisit the next question you asked after answering “Whether trees think?” and we traced the brains behind. The question of whether women can have children without giving birth and without having them develop in their body is obvious yes. It is yes, without involving any human surrogate. To some this might sound confusing. But let me quell the wondering of Brian, still on trees and how plants propagate, then will get back if there is enough time.

Plants propagate by tubers, stems or leaves like cactus, buds like bananas or mostly by seeds. Seeds are formed by flowers that are fertilized by wind or by insects. The female part of the flower is raised high above the male parts to avoid attempts of self-pollinations. The raised female parts called stigma collects male pollen from incoming insects or wind. Once the flower is fertilized its ovary closes and starts developing a succulent layer of nutrients to be consumed by the glowing seed or seeds within.

The length in which the ovary grows and turns into a fruit while feeding the growing seeds is determined by the specie of the plant.  When the seeds are fully grown, the succulent inner of the fruit turns into sweet or delicacy that can be consumed by animals or insects that will help in distributing the seeds where they can start they own life. The seeds when fully grown are not yet plants but are fully alive and only require a small condition and good environment to unravel the plant within. Seeds are also our main source of food.

The seeds are encapsulated fully grown plants that transforms into plant by process of germinations. Do they require black, red, clay or murram soil to germinate? Well they have no say but they do thrive anywhere as when weather is suitable and the soil has supporting nutrients and minerals.