What are Dreams?

Perceived dreams occurs mostly when somebody relaxes in good sleep. Well, perceived because some people do dream when still awake. There are two main purpose of dreams one is to synthesis some recent events and manufacture them into memory blocks and secondary, is to clean up old memories. You should understand that our memories are not blocks stored in our minds but strings and links of related objects connecting our senses: that’s is there is a visual, sound, feeling effect in every memory object and related to past occurrence. For example, when you stare at an image of a green car, you relate it with the color, shape and connect this with past similar objects that you had seen and analyze it together with the sound they made and the names people called them. You wouldn’t know it is a car unless you had seen one before and connected this image with the past or you are enlightened today that the object is called a car.

Dreams connect pieces of information you have seen, heard, touched or smelled together and manufacture a storable object in the mind while at the same time relating other in your memory bank. One though is related to many things so that it is not stored in one place.  For example a chicken: you relate it to eggs, birds, delicious tasty meal, salt, hen coop and so on. So when you see an egg, there is a background image of a chicken blurred and a less blurred image of frying pan. Salt and good taste and son. So you dreams will synthesis all those thing together and store in your memory.

Dreams will also go to your 10 year old memory or older and check items that have not be visualized recently. Go through them (as you dream) unravelling obsolete links and erase them permanently in your memory. The images will appear vivid and real as they are unrolled to trash. You might never recall anything in the morning.

Are dreams meaningful to you?

Absolute not, it is only your brains organizing and building memory links and strings and doing clean up. They have no prediction qualities nor forecast benefits.

Hey! What about this dumb student who had studied and studied and felt his head was not holding anything. Till the day of the final exams when he had two dreams. One he dreamt of the answers and questions and true to his dreams that is the way the exam came. Then he had a dream that the logistic lecturer, a nice and colorful lady, would die in an accident that day.

After exam, he remembered her and he knew she was going home then: he rushed to the incline where the road from the campus joined the main highway and waited. Suddenly he say her red car appear and immediately jumped into the road in a bid to stop her. She was oblivious and driving comfortably when a man appeared on the road all of a sudden, she in panic hit the brake pedal while avoiding the figure. Unfortunately, she actually hit the accelerator and the car speed at full throttle past the dual carriage way to opposite direction and collided with a lorry hauling container. She perished.